Since 1994, IOCC has helped the people of Georgia through emergency relief, microloans for small businesses, and agricultural development.

Creating Resilient Communities

Since declaring its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the country of Georgia has faced political instability and unrest in the regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. IOCC provided emergency assistance to families in response to crises. Your support is now making it possible to help communities with the tools to become more resilient and take advantage of natural resources to address poverty that affects nearly one-quarter of Georgians. Our work focuses on providing durable solutions to helping Georgia's extremely poor—those unable to meet their basic food requirements.

How Your Donations Help the People of Georgia

IOCC began work in the Republic of Georgia in 1994 at the invitation of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Since that time, your donations have provided:

  • Micro-credit and small business development projects
  • Food distribution to drought-affected rural vulnerable people
  • Emergency shelter, food, hygiene and baby kit distribution to people displaced by conflicts in Georgia
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction of schools
  • Counseling for at-risk youth and a school campaign to encourage healthy lifestyles and drug prevention
  • More resilient rural communities by helping to improve farming methods

Much of Georgia is a patchwork of tiny verdant farms owned by thousands of families trying to survive off the land. The former Soviet collective farms were broken up into some one million small, privately owned parcels rarely exceeding two acres. The lush grazing pastures have the potential to produce five times their current output of milk, but many of the farmers lack the knowledge, equipment, and guidance needed to produce more than subsistence levels of milk and homemade dairy products. Your support is helping farming families to learn how to maximize the potential of their land and improve their income.

Your Gifts at Work

(Photo: Zaza Macharashvili / IOCC)

Bishop Dimitri of Batumi and Lazeti gives feed to a cow at a demonstration dairy barn in the Adjara region of Georgia donated and constructed by IOCC.