Where We Work

IOCC provides global relief in many communities around the world - from preventing civil conflict or providing counseling, to rebuilding homes.

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Through IOCC, you are making a world of difference

IOCC responds to some of the most vulnerable people... families, refugees and displaced persons, the elderly, school children, orphans and people with disabilities based solely on need.

Your support has made it possible to provide humanitarian relief, sustainable development and self-help programs to people across Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Since the need for help is great, IOCC continually works to expand its programs to other areas.

IOCC works at the invitation of the Orthodox Church in the host countries where it serves. The Church helps identify the needs and beneficiaries … and IOCC implements the relief efforts. It’s a partnership.

And frankly, very little would happen without the support of our donors – people like you!

Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is to firmly establish solutions that last … that can sustain themselves. With your support we strive to build the capacity of the families and communities we serve. We strive to provide the resources to improve their own financial and physical well-being so they become self-sufficient.

And we remain in a given region or country until the project(s) is completed, or in some cases until the funds are exhausted.


Over the course of our history you’ve help make it possible for us to assist people in 50 countries…

  • care for families suffering from disasters by rebuilding homes, schools, and other relief actions
  • bring smiles and full stomachs to poor farmers and entrepreneurs with micro-loans
  • give vocational training for refugees so they can find work in their new home
  • provide health care to children, infants and mothers
  • brighten the future of children with new school books, supplies, and even rebuilding schools and furnishing them
  • prevent disease and extend lives by drilling wells, improving sanitation, and stomping out preventable diseases in Africa … and on it goes.

Please explore the individual country pages for specific projects and stories of the people you’ve helped through your financial support in action.

Priority Places
IOCC has undertaken a variety of programs for short-term and long-term relief in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, and Montenegro.
IOCC has provided clean water access, educational services and medical assistance to Cameroon since 2008.
IOCC has helped improve access to water, food, education and job opportunities as well as combatting the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ethiopia…
Since 1994, IOCC has helped the people of Georgia by providing counseling, food, and economic development loans.
Since 2012, IOCC has been responding to the human toll of Greece's economic and refugee crisis.
IOCC has continued to serve Haiti communities since the 2010 earthquake with several relief supplies.
Responding to humanitarian needs in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza since 1997, IOCC has improved the lives of many vulnerable groups in times…
IOCC has provided emergency aid, health and medical support as well as economic empowerment to Jordan since 2005.
IOCC has implemented programs in Lebanon that address a range of social issues, from refugee relief to community development and education.
IOCC has been in Romania since 2000 to help with emergency aid and development programs for families and children.
IOCC is responding to the recent crisis in Syria by providing aid to people who have been displaced by civil war.
IOCC has been in Uganda since 2009 providing educational support and clean water.
IOCC supports literacy, education, disaster preparedness and response in the US.