Great Lent 2013
“Give rest to the weary, visit the sick, support the poor: for this is also prayer”

— Aphrahat

Dear Friend of IOCC,

As we embrace the season of Great Lent, and embark on a journey of faith, we invite you to read the booklet titled "Living the Trinity" written by The Most Reverend Kallistos, Metropolitan of Diokleia (Ware).

Metropolitan Kallistos writes that "there is an integral connection between our love for one another and our faith..." As you read Frial's story, we hope that you will see how, through IOCC, your compassion and love for our brothers and sisters in the world can help us to fulfill our faith.

Frial's story is unique, but unfortunately her struggle is all too common.

She and her family were abandoned by her husband and left homeless. Alone – she had seven children to feed, clothe and protect.

Thankfully, with the help of her loving, compassionate brother she was able to build a small shack on his property that she and her children could call home.

If you were in her place, how would you provide for your family? Have you ever found yourself or a member of your family faced with a desperate situation?

Life for Frial, like so many we encounter in Gaza and other places around the world, is a struggle.

Thanks to your past generosity, one year ago IOCC stepped in and provided Frial's family with a water tank, irrigation tubing, seeds, fertilizer and fencing. We also hired agriculture extension workers to teach Frial and her oldest children how to create a rich organic garden.

Today, Frial grows enough food to feed her entire family and even share some of the nutritious fruit and vegetables with her neighbors.

Frial's story humbles and inspires us because it demonstrates how your generosity helps people build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities not only in Gaza, but in Serbia, Georgia and Ethiopia, to name a few.

As you reflect on the downloadable booklet "Living the Trinity," consider Christ's selfless love for us, our love for one another, and for our faith in the Trinity. And in the spirit of that love, we ask you to extend your compassion to families like Frial's in places all around the world by sending a gift through the online form located here.

Through your faithful acts of love and compassion, imagine the life of hope and opportunities that we can create for Frial and others like her!

May God bless you and your family during this season of Great Lent.

Your Brother in Christ,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director and CEO

Please click here to download "Living the Trinity" and remember your brothers and sisters in need around the world. Your Lenten gift to IOCC today will help transform lives. Thank you.

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