Make a difference through IOCC's "One in Spirit" program.
"If one part
of the
body suffers,
every part
suffers with it;
if one part is
every part
with it."

1 Corinthians 12:26

In times of war, famine and natural disaster, people lose control of their lives. They're forced from homes, separated from loved ones, thrust into a maelstrom of uncertainty. For them, IOCC assistance can be truly life-saving. Whether responding in the immediate aftermath of an emergency or addressing long-term poverty, IOCC provides people with the resources to become self-sufficient once again. Your generous support makes that happen.

By becoming a part of "One in Spirit," you commit to giving $1,000 or more each year to advance the humanitarian mission of IOCC in special ways. This level of commitment translates into programs that help people help themselves — the kinds of programs that have an impact over the long term.

You also are reaching out to people in some of the most troubled parts of the world — the Balkans, the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, the Caucasus — and showing your solidarity with them.

That's what "One in Spirit" is about.

"I believe IOCC must be a heart project for all the bishops and all the priests and all the faithful. It is the outpouring of the heart that alleviates misery and poverty and pain."

His Eminence Archbishop IAKOVOS

Consider some of the benefits of this program:

  • You join a select group of IOCC supporters who believe in the common path of pan-Orthodoxy.
  • You strengthen Orthodox philanthropy through responsible, effective stewardship.
  • You enable IOCC to respond quickly and effectively to natural and man-made emergencies.
  • You empower people to overcome the effects of poverty, disease and famine.
  • You realize the power of your investment many times over, as IOCC uses it to leverage grants from government agencies, foundations and other donors.
  • You help IOCC uplift the Orthodox Church's potential for humanitarian relief and development.

Regardless of the need, joining IOCC's "One in Spirit" program is one of the most effective ways to meet that need. It allows you to directly touch people by becoming "one in spirit" with them.

"One in Spirit" is a partnership — between you and the people served by IOCC — that addresses some of the most pressing problems in our world today.

By sending your gift today, you will join thousands of other humanitarians who support IOCC's mission of "sharing God's gifts of food, shelter, economic self-sufficiency and hope."

"One in Spirit" donations can be made in one lump sum or as monthly payments:

$85.00/month = $1020.00/year
$210.00/month = $2520/year
$420.00/month = $5040/year

Select "One In Spirit ($1,000 or more each year)" as your designation.
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