This Mother's Day, Honor your Mom in a Special Way

There is nothing like a mother's love. Mothers nurture us and give us unconditional love. She is always there for us, guiding our way and inspiring our dreams. Moms are the heart of the family.

IOCC recognizes the indispensible role of mothers to their families and communities. Each day, we strive to ease the burden of vulnerable mothers like Fathiya, now the sole provider for seven children after her husband lost his 16-year battle with liver disease. All of the family's livestock was sold to pay for his medical care, leaving Fathiya and her children with nothing to live on.

Through IOCC, Fathiya received a pregnant ewe, a water tank, farming supplies and training to produce food for her family. She transformed a barren piece of land in her West Bank village into a flourishing family garden filled with nutritious vegetables for her children and the sheep's plentiful milk into yogurt and cheese.

Fathiya is grateful to IOCC. "It is a good feeling to depend on myself. IOCC gave me the second chance I need to care for my family on my own."

We realize that mothers are an integral part of making the world a better place, one family at a time. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to make a donation in honor of your mother and all those around the world.

This Mother's Day, honor your Mom and all the moms of the world in a special way by making a donation to IOCC.

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