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In 2008, IOCC mailed out over 50,000 acknowledgement/tax receipt letters. You can help us reduce that amount by signing up to receive acknowledgement/tax receipts by email. You will help IOCC save the environment as well as the cost of paper and postage, thereby enabling more resources to go to people in need. If you wish to receive your acknowledgement/tax receipts by email, please fill out the completed form and you will be signed up for e-receipts! This is the latest initiative by IOCC to reduce our organization’s carbon footprint. Our last green initiative gave supporters the option of receiving the newsletter by email only (click here to opt out of the paper newsletter). In addition, our corporate headquarters in Baltimore has a comprehensive recycling program. “We know that climate change is an emerging threat to the communities that IOCC serves,” says Executive Director & CEO Constantine M. Triantafilou. “We have a special responsibility to begin to address this issue by reducing our organization’s own effect on the environment.”

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