Alex Machaskee
IOCC Chairman of the Board

Dear Friend of IOCC,

As a dedicated IOCC supporter, you play a crucial role in the life-sustaining work that IOCC is able to offer throughout the world. Thank you for helping us minister to those whose lives have been torn apart by natural and man-made disasters. And now, thanks to my colleagues on the IOCC Board, YOUR GENEROSITY WILL BE DOUBLED!

For every dollar you contribute in response to my challenge as Board chair, my fellow board members and I will personally match your gift, up to a total of $300,000. With your response, and others like you, we have the opportunity to raise $600,000 and change thousands of lives. That means your generous gift will enable IOCC to deliver more life-giving aid to our brothers and sisters in need. And remember, on average, for every $1 we have been able to raise from private funders like yourself, we leverage almost $7 in government and other grants!

Click here to make your donation online and be sure to
select “Chairman's Challenge” as your designation.

Within the body of Christ, we all play a vital role as individual members. But when we combine our strength and resources, we can impact twice as many lives and make great changes in the world. During these days celebrating Christ’s Nativity and Epiphany we have no doubt been feasting. Through your support of IOCC, your feast is shared with others as Christ directs, “But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, and the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you shall be repaid at the resurrection of the just” (Luke 14:13-14).

Abou, an Iraqi refugee father living in Syria cannot afford to monetarily repay your generosity. Unable to work because of an amputated foot, he also couldn't afford to send his children to school. “Our aim was to save our children from an inevitable death,” he explained to IOCC staff about his decision to flee Iraq. Now, through your support, his children are able to go to school through IOCC’s school program that serves 4,100 Iraqi refugee and disadvantaged Syrian youths in Damascus. Although Abou’s grateful smile is payment enough, God’s blessings are also assured.

Allow the beautiful feasts of Christmas and Theophany to continue year round. Invite Abou, AIDs orphans in Ethiopia, displaced people in Serbia, wildfire victims in Greece, and other vulnerable people to your festive table in 2008 by continuing to support IOCC.

My challenge to you in 2008 is to let the feasting continue. I know that you will be blessed beyond your generosity.

Your support in 2007 allowed us to accomplish so much, but pain, heartache, disaster and destruction don’t take a vacation. Join me and my fellow IOCC Board members by responding to my challenge today. Allow us the privilege of doubling your hard-earned gift. On behalf of Abou and thousands like him, thank you for your generosity.

In the Incarnate Christ,

Alex Machaskee
IOCC Chairman of the Board

P.S. Remember to double the impact of your gift by responding today!

Don't miss this great opportunity to double your impact and change more lives! Please respond to my Chairman's challenge today!

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