Thank You from Tanzania

Volume 20, No. 2 | Spring 2017


Thank you from Tanzania!

Through your support, IOCC’s Katherine Valone “St. Photini” Water Fund has provided clean water to over 30,000 people of the Mwanza Archdiocese in rural Tanzania. Whereas mothers and children might have walked miles previously to find water, they now only have to take a few steps.

The students of St. Sosthenes Secondary School, one of the project’s beneficiaries, send their thanks to you:

“Our great appreciation to you for the good water flowing system here at school! Before it existed, the situation was so much worse because students had no choice but to wake up early to get water from the natural well located far from the school compound … You recognized our problem and helped the school. We say thanks and appreciate you for hearing our voices and cries.”