Balkans—Epic Floods: IOCC Aids Families Affected

Volume 17, No.3 | Summer 2014

IOCC Aids Families Affected By Epic Floods in The Balkans

(Photo credit: Nenad Prelevic/IOCC)

While the home of twins Alexandra and Andrijana, 10, escaped damage from Serbia's catastrophic floods last May, the bridge connecting their village of Jablanica to the outside world was washed away. Surging water destroyed 12 bridges in the area, cut off power and water to entire villages surrounding the city of Kraljevo, and stranded hundreds of families from access to healthcare and vital services

(Photo credit: Nenad Prelevic/IOCC)

The Balkans' worst flooding in 120 years claimed more than 50 lives in Serbia, dozens more in neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, and left two million people displaced, homeless or faced with property damage. Working with the Serbian Orthodox Church, its humanitarian arm, Philanthropy, and local relief partner, Red Cross of Serbia, IOCC is reaching the elderly and families living in remote areas with emergency relief such as drinking water, hygiene and household items.

Residents in flooded villages around Kraljevo are particularly vulnerable, still recovering from a devastating earthquake in 2010 that left many homes damaged or destroyed. A majority of the villagers are elderly folk too poor to rebuild, and are now forced to live in unstable homes at further risk from flood-induced landslides. IOCC is providing survivors whose homes were flooded with cleaning supplies to reduce the risk of diseases from stagnant water, and tools and building materials to repair flood damage so that families can return to their homes and livelihoods as quickly as possible.

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