“A mother told me that she had to leave her children and walk more than 3 miles one way just to fetch water that her family needed for the day,” Biniam, an IOCC staff member in Ethiopia, reflects. “But after IOCC began trucking water to her neighborhood, she and the other mothers in her community were continuously expressing their gratitude and telling me to be blessed.”

Working for IOCC in Ethiopia on our emergency response team, Biniam provides assistance to people affected by the prolonged drought. Because of this assistance, women no longer have to walk long distances to obtain clean water for their family and household and now have more time to care for their children and household.

This Great Lent, Biniam's story reminds us of the simple but vital refreshment we find as Orthodox Christians when we serve others, as Christ calls us to do.

Please join us this Great and Holy Lent in serving our brothers and sisters in need. By making a life-changing gift today, together we can make a difference.