Before now, Selenat (7), had never owned a pair of shoes. It wasn't until the director of her school informed her of a shoe distribution and hygiene education program that she would receive her first pair. Selenat was thrilled to own new shoes and determined to take good care of them. “I plan to wash them every Saturday, and my mother has promised to help me,” she said. 

Selenat lives in northwest Ethiopia's rural Dembecha district, where transportation is sparse and many students walk to school each day. Walking 30 minutes to and from school each day makes her all the more susceptible to podoconiosis (podo), a preventable form of elephantiasis caused by walking barefoot on certain soils.

Because of your gifts, we're able to provide Ethiopians, like Selenat, with new shoes and proper education on the prevention of podo. Now that Selenat knows how to prevent it, she's able to teach her friends about podo and become an advocate of wearing shoes.

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