Update: We are all shocked and sadden by the tragic deaths and injuries in Las Vegas. It is hard to imagine that senseless terror like this can happen in our times.

We pray for those that lost their lives, the injured, the traumatized, and all the workers caring for them.

It is our understanding that there are a few Orthodox Churches in the area and were Orthodox faithful at the event. We are carefully reviewing the profile of our Frontliners for those that have law enforcement, or firefighter experience. Discussions are also underway with the America Red Cross about their needs for emotional and spiritual care personnel.

We are certainly in the midst of challenging times. As I have shared before it is now when we must have extraordinary courage and faith.

May Their Memories Be Eternal!

Dean - Executive Director & CEO of IOCC


October 2, 2017: IOCC is extremely distressed and saddened to learn of the October 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, reportedly the deadliest in US history. We are actively monitoring the situation as official reports come in. Please pray with us for all those affected by this tragedy.