IOCC’s Global Response
Winter 2016

The following are selected highlights from among IOCC's projects.

photo by IOCC/Apostoli
As European countries close their borders to migrants not fleeing war torn Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan, thousands are left stranded in foreign lands with no resources to return home. IOCC with Greece partner, Apostoli, is responding to their personal health needs with hygiene kits for people temporarily sheltered at a sports stadium in Athens.
photo by Hari Desta/IOCC
Polio robbed Godada of the ability to walk, so she spent her childhood and teen years hidden away in her home and out of sight from other villagers in rural Ethiopia. IOCC is helping restore freedom of movement and a brighter future for 2,900 disabled people like Godada. Each received a new wheelchair adapted for travel over rough terrain. The project also trained nearly 800 disabled adults in small business development to support themselves. Today, Godada's life is alight with new promise. As the owner of a successful candle making business in the capital city of Addis Ababa, she now supports herself and is less dependent on others.
photo by GOPA
Art therapy provides a respite for Syrian children traumatized by nearly five years of war. IOCC, in cooperation with the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch, is providing crisis counseling to Syrian war weary families. The psychological support they receive helps families in need learn how to deal with loss and change their perspective about the future. For the parents, that means guided group discussions, while children find their voice through art and music activities.

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