IOCC’s Global Response
Summer 2015

The following are selected highlights from among IOCC's projects.

photo by Eirini Vourloumis/IOCC
Greece's rapidly declining economy has prompted the country's banks to impose withdrawal limits, leaving millions of stunned families and elderly without access to their savings, wages, and pensions. With a $500,000 gift from the John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation of the San Antonio Area Foundation, IOCC is increasing its food assistance to the growing number of poverty stricken families.
photo by Nenad Prelevic/IOCC
The UN reports that Serbia is receiving the largest percentage of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in southeastern Europe. The refugees travel north on foot from Greece through Serbia to reach their desired final destination of Western Europe. IOCC, which has been assisting Syrian refugees since 2012, is helping feed the growing masses of exhausted, hungry, and injured refugees making the arduous journey to hoped-for asylum.
photo by Paul Jeffrey/ACT
Malnutrition is a life-threatening problem among Syrian refugee children under five. Each day is a struggle to survive in unsanitary camps with little food and no clean water. IOCC is working to curb the threat. Since 2012, more than 100,000 Syrian refugee children living in Lebanon have been screened and treated for malnutrition.

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