IOCC’s Global Response
Winter 2015

The following are selected highlights from among IOCC's projects.

photo by GOPA
As thousands of Syrian mothers struggle to keep their small children warm during Syria's harsh winter, IOCC, in cooperation with church partner, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East (GOPA), is responding with sweater sets made last summer by 34 displaced Syrian women taught to knit through a cash-for-work program. The new skills help provide the participants, mostly widowed and displaced Syrian women, with the ability to earn income, and 600 displaced Syrian babies and toddlers benefit by receiving warm clothes to protect them against bitter cold.
photo by IOCC
IOCC volunteers joined relief workers from NECHAMA Jewish Response to Disaster in Iowa last July to help families clean out their homes damaged by devastating summer floods in the Midwest. As the newest member of the national Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, IOCC will belong to the largest US network of volunteer disaster response agencies prepared to aid American families and communities before and after disasters.
photo by Rada Tierney/IOCC
Winter came early to Kosovo, with snow capping mountains above the villages of Brestovik and Siga by mid-October. That hasn't stopped Miodrag from being able to provide his family of six a bounty of fresh, organically grown produce this winter using the greenhouse that he built last year with assistance from IOCC. Equipped with newly gained skills and pipe-bending and welding machines provided by IOCC, Miodrag and his fellow villagers have produced greenhouse frames for himself as well as nearly 30 more neighboring families who are also reaping the benefits of greenhouse farming. This project is part of a broader IOCC initiative to help create sustainable communities in Kosovo.

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