Volume 16, No. 1
Winter 2013
Ethiopia's Disabled Mobilized for the Future
Sparks fly as a worker at Cheshire Services orthopedic workshop welds together steel tubes to form a new wheelchair. IOCC is working with relief partners in Ethiopia to help increase the number of wheelchairs available to the country's disabled children, women and disabled veterans. (Photo credit: Jake Lyell / IOCC)
They live in the shadows of their communities, the 1.9 million children, women and men in Ethiopia whose physical disabilities make them immobile. The inability to walk severely limits their access to school, work and the outside world, and creates tremendous hardship for them and their families. Access to a wheelchair is out of reach for many, with people who can afford one waiting for months as one small workshop in Ethiopia struggles to meet the demand. IOCC, in cooperation with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church Development and Inter Church Aid Commission (EOC-DICAC) is helping to bring mobility and a better quality of life to a vast number of physically challenged people and their families by improving access to wheelchairs.

IOCC is providing parts needed to assemble new wheelchairs for more than 2,900 children, women and disabled war veterans, as well as replacement parts for repairing broken wheelchairs. Vocational training for additional workers will generate the labor force required to assemble a steady output of wheelchairs and provide these men and women with jobs to support their families. Many of the wheelchair recipients will also receive vocational training to improve their income-generating skills and their prospects of being a part of mainstream society.

With ready access to wheelchair assembly parts and job training for production workers and wheelchair recipients, the lives of more than 18,000 people will be uplifted by the positive impact of this effort to restore movement and hope to the lives of Ethiopia's disabled.


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