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Volume 10, No. 3WINTER 2007

Message from the Executive Director

IOCC Executive Director and CEO Constantine M. Triantafilou led an emergency assessment team to Greece during last summer’s wildfires. IOCC then moved quickly to provide tons of emergency animal feed to farmers whose grazing lands had been destroyed. Photo credit: Yorgos Asithianakis/IOCC Greece

If someone were to ask me about IOCC’s impact around the world, I would tell them about the 7 million Ethiopians who have been trained in HIV/AIDS prevention, or that IOCC’s program to rehabilitate crumbling schools benefits one-third of Lebanon’s public school students.

But I would also tell them about the 31 families in Bosnia who are going to receive milking machines. IOCC assisted these families to return to their farms following the war in 1998, and to recover their dairy businesses by replacing their heifers. Today, IOCC is going to help them find sanitary methods for collecting milk.

Whether 7 or 7 million, IOCC has impact wherever it helps people recover their homes, their communities, and ultimately, their ability to be self-sufficient.

This issue of News & Needs is the final in our year-long retrospective look at IOCC’s 15th anniversary. Our cover story focuses on IOCC’s operations in the Middle East. In a world where conditions are less than ideal, I’m proud of what our Middle East staff has accomplished. From infrastructure repair, to nutrition and education, to income-generation projects, IOCC has been steadily expanding in the region.

IOCC Program Manager Nenad Prelevic talks to Kondilla, a survivor of last summer’s wildfires in Greece. “You are a ‘lambatha’ (Greek for ‘tall candle’) says Kondilla to Prelevic who oversaw IOCC’s distribution of emergency animal feed to farmers. Prelevic, who is based in Belgrade, Serbia, says last summer’s wildfires affected most those who had the least. Photo credit: Yorgos Asithianakis/IOCC Greece

You will also read about our project to provide medical care in rural Ethiopia, and our partnership in Kosovo with the monks of Visoki Decani Monastery that will develop their wine business and create more cooperation between ethnic Serb and Albanian communities.

Finally, our emergency aid work in Greece has had great impact for hundreds of farmers who saw their grazing lands and livelihoods decimated by last summer’s wildfires. The expertise of our Athens-based staff, who coordinated the distribution of tons of animal feed to Peloponnese farmers, made the critical difference.

And we thank you for the impact you have made by supporting IOCC. Some of you have done so every year for the last 15 years. You believed that a pan Orthodox organization had a role to play in the expanding field of global humanitarian aid. We ask that you would continue to support this ministry so that together, as God’s ancient and undivided Church, we can continue our mission and our impact.

Yours In Christ,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO


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