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Volume 8, No. 3WINTER 2005

Parish Representatives play vital role

Survivors of the October 8 earthquake in Pakistan outside the devastated town of Balakot are receiving aid through IOCC — yet there is need for much greater assistance. Parish representatives are a vital link for informing Orthodox Christians how they can respond to urgent needs like these. Photo: Paul Jeffrey/Action by Churches Together

Baltimore (IOCC) — Parish representatives play a vital role in IOCC’s humanitarian mission by keeping parishes informed of Orthodox humanitarian outreach efforts and by encouraging support for IOCC. Many parish representatives work through volunteer Metropolitan Committees in communities across the United States, while others work independently in their parishes.

The responsibilities of a parish representative can be accomplished in about one hour a month and include such things as displaying IOCC materials in your parish, printing IOCC announcements in your parish bulletin or newsletter, staying up-to-date with IOCC news, organizing a parish video presentation, and keeping your priest informed of IOCC-related news.

To receive monthly e-mails, parish representatives can subscribe to the IOCC Volunteer list serve at www.iocc.org/volunteer.

For additional information, please contact IOCC outreach coordinator Sylvia Araj, toll-free (877) 803-4622 or email relief@iocc.org.

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Parish Representatives play vital role

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