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Volume 8, No. 3WINTER 2005

Message from the Executive Director

As we gather to celebrate the feasts of Christmas and Theophany with friends and loved ones, we contemplate how Christ’s appearance on the earth is the Light dispelling the darkness of death, despair and hopelessness. This truth is beautifully captured in the prophecy from Isaiah mentioned above that foretells of Christ’s birth and effect on mankind.

During this past year we have witnessed the darkness wrought by the tsunamis in South Asia, starvation in Niger, the destructive forces of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma in the United States, people living with HIV infection in Ethiopia and Romania and continued hostility in the Middle East.

IOCC executive director Constantine Triantafilou inspecting some of the
relief which brought hope to people in hurricane-affected regions of the U.S.
through its partnership with Church World Service.

In the midst of this seemingly overwhelming darkness, however, you have brought light. By responding to Christ’s call to minister to those who are suffering, you have allowed us to fulfill our mission of sharing God’s gifts of food, shelter, economic self-sufficiency and hope. This year, more than ever, IOCC has responded to the call both at home and abroad allowing Christ’s Light to shatter the world’s darkness. Our response, however, is only made possible because of you. Thank you for your unprecedented response during 2005.

It is appropriate that this edition of News & Needs be devoted to “responding to the call” and the positive impact of this response. Your light this year has not been hidden, but raised on the hillside for all to see. The pages of this publication highlight several places where IOCC’s presence has transformed sadness to joy, despair to hope and darkness to light.

In 2005, IOCC supporters responded to the call at every level: from our Church Hierarchy and clergy, to our own board members, to our college interns, to faithful parishioners old and young. Examples of their responses on these pages will hopefully encourage you to heed Christ’s call of service by continuing your support for our work.

While we are thankful for all that has been accomplished this year, we are nevertheless cognizant of the challenges that remain for 2006.

May our Incarnate Lord, the Light of the world, continue to shine upon you and your family this Holy season and throughout 2006.

Yours In Christ,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director

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Message from the Executive Director

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