Volume 16, No. 3
Summer 2013
From The Executive Director


Summer was always a great time of year for me growing up in Texas. Sunny days meant Galveston Island, cutting grass, road trips to Clergy Laity conferences, picking blueberries on the hill and listening to the Red Sox games in the pool with my cousins in Massachusetts. Summer in many of the countries that we serve, like Syria and Greece, has changed for their children. They are faced with the real challenges of war, economic hardships and uncertainty.

IOCC is responding to the humanitarian needs of the world's most vulnerable, restoring a measure of comfort to displaced Syrian children and their families with urgently needed food and household items, and providing critical medical supplies to Greece's financially crippled hospitals to help protect the precious health of the country's young and old. For children in Bosnia where civil war more than a decade ago left many parents without jobs and a means to support their families, IOCC's microcredit program is helping fuel the country's entrepreneurial spirit and thousands of newly created jobs.

As you read this month's issue of News & Needs, please keep these children and their families in your prayers, and join IOCC in extending a helping hand to bring the light of childhood joys back into the eyes of vulnerable children around the world.

In Christ,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO


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