Volume 17, No. 2
Spring 2014
From The Executive Director

In my travels with IOCC, I have been invited into many homes all around the world, from historical residences in Europe and spiritual oases in the Holy Land, to the humblest huts on an African plain. No matter the shape, size or standard of living, these homes all shared one very important quality – they each provided a sanctuary to their owner. We all work hard to create a home that will shelter us and surround us with small comforts like the familiar sounds of our children playing or our family gathering at the dinner table each night. Now imagine, in an instant, all of it vanishing from your life, the home life you worked so hard to build. Poverty, natural disaster, and manmade conflict each have the power to take away the protection a home brings. No one is immune.

Your continued support helps IOCC reach families that have faced this great loss. In war-torn Syria, IOCC is providing displaced families with shelter and counseling to help them cope with the uncertainty and stress of war. In post-conflict Kosovo, IOCC is assisting families who have returned to their homes with support for the farmers and education support for their children. And in the Philippines, homeless Typhoon Haiyan survivors are receiving much needed construction materials from IOCC to help rebuild their homes and their lives.

The next time you open the door to your home, please remember the families who have lost their homes and welcome them into your heart. By opening your heart to them, you keep hope alive for vulnerable families so that they too, can one day again find sanctuary in a place they call home.

In Christ,

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director & CEO


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