Volume 16, No. 2
Spring 2013

Giving Comfort To
Armenia's Inmate Families

Twin girls Ani and Azniv, 8, look over the new blankets and school supplies provided by IOCC and delivered to them by their parish priest in Gyumri, Armenia. The girls and their grandmother received the relief parcels as part of a program to assist financially strapped family members of Armenian inmates. (Photo credit: Lena Margaryan/ Gyumri Social Center)

With their father in an Armenian prison and their mother gravely ill, twins Ani and Azniv, 8, rely on the care and protection of their aging grandmother. Her pension barely covers living expenses for the four of them, leaving the girls to often go without personal care items needed to stay healthy, and school supplies needed to progress their education.

The families of inmates often face a life of shame, discrimination and years of unbearable poverty as the father, the main breadwinner is unable to provide for them. Working in cooperation with Armenian church partners, IOCC responded by providing 500 of these vulnerable family members with basic but necessary items such as quilts, school kits, infant clothing, and hygiene kits filled with soap, towels and toothpaste. Local parish priests assisted IOCC in the distribution with home visits, delivering relief items to help improve the families' physical comfort, and providing pastoral counseling to help ease the stigma that dominates their lives.


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