Volume 15, No. 4
Fall 2012
IOCC Books Spark Learning
In Tanzania Schools
All eyes are on the colorful new reading books in the second-grade class at Shepherd's Primary School. (Photo credit: KidCare International)
One of the biggest obstacles to education in Tanzania is the scarcity of textbooks and reading materials available to the schoolchildren and their teachers. This fall, more than 5,700 children from Kindergarten through 12th grade started their school year with new books in hand.

IOCC delivered a shipment of more than 27,000 English language textbooks and reading books to 27 rural schools in central Tanzania in partnership with KidCare International and The Orthodox Church in Tanzania.

Lucy Kamptoni, or "Mama Lucy" as she's called by kids at the three Tanzanian schools she founded, says the books will benefit the children and their teachers for years to come. "The children were very happy to see the books," said Mama Lucy. "Their little hearts were filled with true love and gratitude!"


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IOCC Books Spark Learning In Tanzania Schools

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