July 2008
From the Executive Director
I am very pleased to announce that IOCC has secured a major grant that will provide food and emergency supplies to vulnerable families living in Sadr City, one of the poorest and most densely populated districts of Baghdad. The nearly $400,000 grant, awarded to IOCC by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), will assist about 2,400 vulnerable families in this predominantly Shiite area, which has been the site of continuous conflict. This program follows a very successful delivery by IOCC of food and hygiene kits to 3,000 families in Baghdad and Mosul. I commend our IOCC Iraqi staff who deliver these life-sustaining supplies while braving Iraq’s hardships.

The month of July also brought assistance to Kosovo from two great humanitarians. The special Kosovo matching gift program, first announced last month, has increased through a gift of $50,000 by His Grace IRINEJ (Dobrijevic), Bishop of Australia and New Zealand of the Serbian Orthodox Church. His Grace’s generous donation plus the $50,000 donated by the John G. Rangos Sr. Family Charitable Foundation brings the total matching funds available for projects in Kosovo to $100,000. IOCC’s goal is to raise $500,000 to help Kosovo develop in key areas such as fixing and expanding schools, providing farmers with tools and training, promoting new income-generating projects, and assisting families returning from central Serbia. Now, we need your support to translate this matching gift program into real help for the people of Kosovo. Help us reach our $500,000 goal today.

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director and CEO

Summer Camps for Lebanese Youth
IOCC Lebanon recently launched the first of 14 summer camps for youth in the Mount Lebanon, Bekaa, and northern regions of the country. The summer camps will provide high school students with community service activities. Students will also receive training in health awareness, human rights, citizenship and community activism. The goal is to foster a sense of camaraderie and civic responsibility between youths of different sects. The summer camps are part of the LEAD program, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and implemented in partnership with a number of Lebanese organizations including the University of Balamand. Listen now to this IOCC Lebanon Podcast
Hope For Lebanon
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Ancient Faith Radio.

Peja Stojakovic Wins Award for Work with IOCC
New Orleans Hornet’s basketball star Peja Stojakovic, who made possible an IOCC shipment of wheelchairs to hundreds of disabled people in northern Greece, recently accepted an award at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. “I know I cannot change the world, but I am trying to render good for the talent God gave me,” said Stojakovic as he accepted the award. IOCC Greece implemented the project which provided wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs for disabled athletes, other mobility devices, and therapeutic equipment worth over $200,000 to people in the Thessaloniki, Macedonia and Epirus regions of Greece. The wheelchairs were custom-fit to suit the needs of each recipient by a team of volunteer health care professionals from Wheels for Humanity. Local Greek partners who were also involved in the project include ELEPAP and the Paraplegic Association of Greece “Alexander the Great.”

IOCC Premieres Greece Wildfires Video
IOCC recently premiered a full length video on Greece’s 2007 wildfires (watch it now). IOCC’s relief to Greek farmers continues to help thousands who were affected by the wildfires to sustain their farms. Through a $1.8 million grant by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, IOCC has provided emergency animal feed to more than 3,100 Peloponnese farmers. The wildfires destroyed more than 500,000 acres of forest and pasture lands. Farmers had no way to sustain their flocks – for some, their only source of income. IOCC has also distributed 20 tons of seed so that farmers can grow back damaged pasturelands. IOCC Assists Farmers of Peloponnese, Greece: Watch it Now!
IOCC Assists Farmers of Peloponnese, Greece
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IOCC Video.

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