Executive Summary
April/May 2007

Humanitarian aid organizations often talk about expansion: moving into new countries and continents, winning larger development contracts, and expanding their portfolio of services. At IOCC we are certainly excited about new possibilities in Africa and the Middle East, and that our program portfolio has expanded from refugee assistance to micro-loans and from agricultural support to HIV/AIDS prevention. But what makes us truly strong is not just our ability to adapt to new situations and to seize new opportunities. To a great extent, what makes IOCC strong for the future was already built at the very beginning by our founders in 1992. They set certain criteria, and certain ideals that continue to be the bulwark of this organization. Their decision to give humanitarian aid to all peoples based solely on need, and to focus strategically on building long-term indigenous capacity, are ideals that continue to guide us today. So, as we look forward to expanding, we can be confident that what makes this organization strong was built right into its very foundation.

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director and CEO

IOCC Releases New Video: “VOICES”

IOCC has released its new video, “VOICES.” The 13-minute production includes original footage shot in Gaza/West Bank, southern Lebanon, the Balkans, Thailand, and Indonesia. The video features interviews with several IOCC beneficiaries and veteran staff and celebrates IOCC’s 15th anniversary with archival footage of the first humanitarian airlift to Russia in 1992.

Click here to see the video

Africa Expansion

IOCC has delivered critically-needed medicines to the West African nation of Niger. The medicines will treat a variety of ailments from high blood pressure to heart failure and stomach ulcers. Malaria and malnutrition are common ailments in Niger and put great strain on hospital resources. The medicines were delivered to Galmi hospital, which specializes in serving the desperately poor population on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. The acquisition of the medical aid was made in cooperation with Medical Teams International (MTI) and represents the expansion of IOCC’s Gifts-in-Kind (GIK) program as well as its presence in Africa.

U.S. Program Launches New Alaska Initiative

IOCC announces a new initiative designed to help individuals whose lives have been devastated by drug addiction and alcoholism. In partnership with the Diocese of Alaska of the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) and its charitable arm, Outreach Alaska, IOCC will train seven Orthodox priests to become certified substance abuse counselors. Alaska has the highest rate of alcohol and drug dependency in the United States. While priests are well placed to help those in need, they are often lacking the necessary training to deal effectively with parishioners who have substance abuse addiction. And since most Orthodox clergy in Alaska are not salaried, the training will give them the added benefit of an income allowing them to continue their ministries as priests.

IOCC Executives Visit Middle East

IOCC Director of Operations Matthew Parry, Development Director Dan Christopulos, and new Development Officer Peter Polychroni recently visited IOCC field projects in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. In southern Lebanon, the group toured IOCC rebuilding efforts. In Syria, they met with Patriarch Ignatius IV and investigated possibilities for further collaboration with the Patriarchate in working with some of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi refugees now living in Syria. In Jordan, they toured IOCC projects in various schools and hospitals.

Click here to see photos from the trip

Changes in IOCC Headquarters Staff

IOCC Baltimore HQ had several staff changes. Tammy Segall has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Paul Rock, who had been serving as CFO since 1999, becomes Senior Management Advisor. Peter Polychroni joins IOCC as Development Officer. Matt Loraditch replaces Mario LaNasa as Senior Systems Administrator. Denise Rosenfeld joins IOCC as Executive Assistant and Office Manager.

Celebrating IOCC’s 15th Anniversary
“We began to work in Orthodox countries, then we expanded to countries with a substantial Orthodox population, then we expanded to international areas where there were crisis situations where there were no Orthodox, but we saw a need for the Orthodox church to be present. Rather than see IOCC wind down as traditional Orthodox countries have stabilized, IOCC has been able to take its one truth and give it an entirely new dimension. I think that is the marvelously wonderful truth about where we will be in 15 years — we don’t even know. The horizon is very wide. If anything, it is brilliant to be part of such an organization that has such a tremendous and radiant future in front of it.”

His Grace IRINEJ (Dobrijevic),
Serbian Bishop of Australia and New Zealand
(former IOCC Staffer)

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