Executive Summary
January 2007
Dear IOCC Supporter:

It is hard to believe that 15 years have passed since IOCC was founded to respond to Christ’s call to minister to those who are suffering and in need throughout the world. As we celebrate this special milestone, we remember that IOCC’s accomplishments have been possible only through God’s grace and the support of our SCOBA Hierarchs, donors, Board members, staff, and the people who allow us to serve them, and in turn serve each other. Throughout this 15th anniversary year, we will lift up their voices so that we may celebrate their many contributions.
Photo left:
IOCC's first humanitarian mission in 1992.

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director and CEO

VOICES of: Faithful Philanthropists
“My husband and I are converts, so Orthodoxy means a lot to us, and having that Orthodox presence around the world with IOCC means a lot to us. You are helping people in really practical ways, like your work with women in the West Bank. It’s not like you are there for a couple of months and take off, but a real long term commitment. People are always asking for money but what IOCC is doing is really meaningful. We are happy to be supporters.”

Catherine Hattrem
Lansing Michigan
(IOCC annual supporter since 1993)
“I support IOCC because it is the charity of our Eastern Orthodox Church and takes in all of our churches. I think IOCC is very dependable and I am quite certain that the money goes where it should go. I always look forward to getting your newsletter and reading about your work. Well handled and well supervised, I think IOCC is one of the best and finest organizations.”

Nicholas Dzubay
Barron, Wisconsin
(IOCC annual supporter since 1993)

Chairman's Challenge

“Read any newspaper, turn on any news channel, check the internet, and you will see the devastating effects of natural disasters, man-made wars, hunger, famine, and widespread diseases. Help is needed everywhere. The common factor in all of these situations is the suffering of our fellow brothers and sisters. With your generous support however, IOCC has continuously targeted the help that is so desperately needed, to those who so truly need it.

With your help, we have made a commitment to help those most in need of assistance…It is a commitment of unconditional love.

With this love, I ask you for your continued support in helping our fellow man. What better way to act on that love than by answering my Chairman's Challenge to you. For every dollar you contribute through this appeal, I and my fellow members of IOCC's Board of Directors will personally match your gift, up to $300,000.”

Alex Machaskee
IOCC Chairman of the Board

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His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROFAN of the Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate’s Diocese of the Eastern United States was one of over 300 IOCC supporters gathered in Weirton, WV at the beautiful Serbian American Cultural Center on January 13th for the second annual Epiphany Charity Ball. In His Grace’s remarks he praised IOCC’s work and likened it to the story of the saint who went to the Byzantine Emperor asking for money to purchase jewels for the Emperor. The saint used all the money for the poor and when questioned by the Emperor about the status of the jewels he reportedly pointed to all of the poor that had been helped and proclaimed: “These, O Emperor, are the jewels of your empire.”


In late December 2006 IOCC received two grants from the United States Government to significantly expand its ongoing work to help Lebanon recover from the war. A grant of $3.46 million was awarded to IOCC by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for the repair and development of 154 public schools in southern Lebanon, the Beqaa valley, and Mount Lebanon. And a $1.7 million extension grant from the U.S. Government’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) will expand IOCC’s current program to help returnees rebuild their lives in southern Lebanon and southern Beirut. “Throughout this crisis, IOCC’s work has been distinguished for delivering quality aid that meets the highest humanitarian aid standards,” says His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP, the primate of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America.

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STAFF CHANGES: Headquarters

Pascalis ‘Lee” Papouras has been named the new US Program Coordinator succeeding Nicholas Chakos who has moved over to the Development Department as Development Officer.

Matthew Parry has been promoted to Director of Operations.

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