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How IOCC is helping in Serbia:
Serbia is a European country slowly rebuilding itself after many years of war, and is now home to Europe's largest number of refugees (people who escaped from the war).

IOCC has been helping the people of Serbia since 1992, from delivering emergency food and hygiene kits to families, to providing small loans to help farmers grow more crops and to help people start a new business.

IOCC also works with Visoki Decani Serbian Orthodox Monastery in Kosovo to help make life better for the families who returned after the war. IOCC built a new community center and helped make learning fun for children with new computers and school equipment. IOCC also continues to support programs throughout Serbia that provide assistance to disabled children and their families.

How you can help:
1) Pray for the children of Serbia, and their families.
2) Ask an adult to send a special donation on your behalf to help provide food, shelter and clothing for people served by IOCC.
(Adults: click here to make a donation online).

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