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How IOCC is helping in Lebanon:
Imagine sitting in a classroom all day with no electricity, no heating and cracked walls that let in the rain and cold. For the 100 teenaged boys and girls attending Bteghrine Public School, the harsh conditions made it difficult to learn and discouraged children from coming to school. IOCC is helping improve schools and attendance for Lebanon’s children by repairing damages and updating schools with modern computer and science labs. The new science equipment at this high school is especially popular with the students who need to conduct experiments for their biology and chemistry courses. IOCC has renovated 228 schools in Lebanon as part of a larger project to improve the learning environment of all 1,300 public schools in Lebanon.

How you can help:
1) Pray for the children of Lebanon, and their families.
2) Pack a School or Health kit for children in need.
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3) Ask an adult to send a special donation on your behalf to help provide food, shelter and clothing for people served by IOCC.
(Adults: click here to make a donation online).

Fun Fact:
Ancient Lebanon was famous for its large forests of cedar trees which are mostly no longer in existence today. King Solomon even built his house out of these trees (1 Kings 7: 2-7).

Lebanon Flag: