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How IOCC is helping kids:

Can you imagine trying to take a test when you were hungry or had a headache? Or what it would be like to be unable to draw pictures because you had no paper or crayons? Many school children in Lebanon do not have to imagine such things because they experience them every day. Because their families do not make a lot of money, these Lebanese school children do not get enough nutritious foods or have basic school supplies. Such hardships make learning much more difficult.

Nutritious foods have lots of vitamins and minerals. Without enough vitamins and minerals, it is much harder to concentrate, especially at school. IOCC provides children in Lebanon with daily school lunches, including a nutritious muffin, with milk or fruit juice. Such meals, while seemingly small, make a big difference to the children and are a source of excitement. "Since the time I was born, my parents have never made or bought me a muffin or a cookie. Thank you very much," one little boy told his principal.

IOCC also distributes school supplies such as stationery, pencils, pens and notebooks to make learning easier. Seven-year-old Leila from Beirut receives such supplies, as do her two older siblings. Leila's mother says that the supplies are a source of happiness for her children. "It is a gift for them." Since Leila started receiving the school supplies, her grades have improved.

How IOCC Is Helping In Lebanon
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