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How IOCC is helping in Haiti:
When a powerful earthquake hit the small Caribbean country of Haiti in 2010, it destroyed many homes, hospitals and schools, including the one that Lovena, 10, attended in the mountain village of Embouchure. Schools are scarce in Haiti, especially in rural areas like Embouchure. Without the school being rebuilt, getting an education would be almost impossible for Lovena and many other children in the region. IOCC helped with clearing away the old damaged school and constructing a new school that can stand up to an earthquake or hurricane. IOCC also worked with the Orthodox Church to help a badly damaged Orthodox school for special needs students by providing everything it needed – from books and paper to desks – to stay open.

How you can help:
1) Pray for the children of Haiti and their families.
2) Pack an Emergency kit for children in need. Learn more.
2) Ask an adult to send a special donation on your behalf to help provide food, shelter and clothing for people served by IOCC.
(Adults: click here to make a donation online).