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How IOCC is helping in Ethiopia:

Each day before he walks to school, Lakew, 9, must rise early to fill a large watering can from a small spring and carry it to his mother's vegetable garden high in the mountains of the African country of Ethiopia. Water is precious here because it only rains a few months a year. The lack of rain makes it difficult to grow food and many people suffer from poor health because they don't have enough food to live. IOCC is helping farmers learn how to grow more vegetables with less water, and how to keep their goats and chickens healthy so that they produce milk and eggs.

IOCC works with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to help protect Ethiopians from podoconiosis, a painful and disabling disease caused by walking barefoot on volcanic soil, and also provides people who are disabled with skills they can use to find a job or start a small business.

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