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How IOCC is helping in Bosnia-Herzegovina:

Imagine having to leave your home suddenly, with no more than a moment’s notice to collect your belongings. Because of a war, you have to leave your country and live in a group home, called a “collective center,” where all of your family lives in one room. In this center are many other families who have also fled their homes. Finally, after several years of struggling to live with very little money, and in tight quarters, you are able to return home. Things are much different than you remember; your home needs major repairs or to be totally rebuilt, most of your belongings are gone and your parents aren’t sure how they will start over.

This is what many children in Bosnia-Herzegovina are now experiencing after being able to return home long after the war has ended. IOCC has helped many families return home, helped them repair and rebuild their houses, and is now helping them to start a new life in their homeland by assisting them with farming projects, offering small loans so that they may start a business and providing training so that they can earn an income once again.

Many families have received tractor equipment, greenhouses, livestock and seeds and tools for growing crops. All of this will help them produce food that they can eat and also sell at market for profit.

IOCC has helped people in Bosnia-Herzegovina in other ways, too. Just this past summer, IOCC helped 280 disabled people by giving them much-needed wheelchairs. As part of a larger project to provide healthy activities for children, numerous computer labs have been set up in schools so that children can learn valuable skills and also communicate with children in Serbia-Montenegro, a neighboring country.

How IOCC Is Helping
In Bosnia-Herzegovina
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