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IOCC Activities for Children

Below are links to two activities for children based on Jesus' Parable of the Good Samaritan. Level 1 is for younger children and Level 2 is for older children.

The Level One Activity Sheet

The Level 1 activity sheet has an Icon that children can color on one side and a discussion guide on the other side.

Level 1 Activity Sheet - html
Level 1 Activity Sheet - PDF (Adobe Acrobat File)

The Level Two Activity Sheet

The Level 2 activity sheet has five (5) activities for the children to complete, a Bible Application section, and a closing prayer.

Level 2 Activity Sheet - html
Level 2 Activity Sheet - PDF (Adobe Acrobat File)

The Teacher's Guide

The Teacher's Guide for Level One and Two contains suggested answers to the five activities and general comments to help facilitate the discussion.

Teacher's Guide - html
Teacher's Guide - PDF (Adobe Acrobat File)

For a copy of IOCC's most recent video, "New Beginnings" (running time 7:30) referenced on the Activity Sheets, please check with your parish priest, or call IOCC toll-free at (877) 803-4622. The video gives you the opportunity to "extend the session," if time permits and highlights how Orthodox Church School children in America are helping needy children in other countries.

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