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Give the Gift of Help in Times of Need

Access to medical care during a cholera or malaria epidemic can be the difference between life and death especially for children and the elderly. For people living in rural areas of Zimbabwe, the care they need may be several days away by foot. Your gift of $150 can provide over $5,000 in emergency medicines and medical supplies for rural clinics that sustain life and restore people to health.

Life-Saving Treatment: $150
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Disasters not only destroy people’s possessions, but often rob people of their livelihoods – and their ability to return to their lives. A gift of $45 can provide animal feed that sustains a family’s livelihood and allows them to stay on their farm.

Help For Families: $45
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When disasters like floods, hurricanes and wildfires strike the United States, Orthodox priests from IOCC’s Emergency Response Network help survivors cope with their loss, provide trauma counseling and coordinate resources with others on the scene. Your gift can train an Orthodox priest to respond to disasters in the U.S.

Disaster assistance in the U.S.: $500
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Share in this Work: $15
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The examples in this catalog are for illustrative purposes. IOCC will use your gift, and that of others, to accomplish its overall mission of assisting families and communities to help themselves. Since 1992, IOCC has been transforming lives with innovative programs that prevent the spread of disease, equip farmers with tools and training, educate school children, build the Church’s ability to help the poor, and deliver emergency supplies to those who have been caught in war and natural disaster. © 2009 International Orthodox Christian Charities