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Give The Gift of Health

Many places around the world lack the most basic health supplies and medicines like antibiotics, anti-malarial medications and medication to help people fight parasites and other infections. Medical supplies and medicines delivered by IOCC to Albania and the Ukraine supply teaching hospitals with life-saving help and enable new doctors to be trained. Your gift of $3,000 can provide over $100,000 in medical supplies and medicines.

Medical Supplies and medicines: $3,000
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or Share in this Project: $30
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The scourge of HIV/AIDS has left more than a million Ethiopian children without parents. Your gift of $60 can provide food, clothing, and education for a child orphaned by the disease in Ethiopia, Georgia, Romania and other countries.

Help For an Orphaned Child: $60
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When disasters strike, IOCC responds by providing families with what they need to survive. Your gift of $12 can purchase a health kit for someone who has been displaced from their home by war or natural disaster. Health kits include essential supplies like soap, toothpaste, shampoo, band-aids, combs and other items.

Health Kit: $12
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You can make and send a health kit to someone in need.
For more information, visit: iocc.org/healthkits
Give The Gift of Opportunity

Fifteen percent of Uganda’s children are orphans, the result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and civil war. IOCC is building a new school and repairing an orphanage – both run by the Orthodox Church in Uganda. A gift of $5,000 can help build a simple school and provide opportunity for children.

Construct a School: $5,000
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or Share in this Project: $50
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In many developing countries, if you can’t walk by yourself you must crawl or be carried and are forced to live a life of confinement. A gift of $95 can help provide a wheelchair so that a child can get to school and live a more independent life. Your gift of $95 can provide a wheelchair that is individually-tailored to meet the needs of each child.

Provide a wheelchair for a Disabled Person: $95
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In Romania, when women who faced domestic violence needed a place to turn to, the Romanian Orthodox Church offered help through projects supported by IOCC. In Romania and around the world, your gift of $25 or more can provide training and support to strengthen the Orthodox Church’s ability to provide assistance to people in their time of need.

Help the Orthodox Church Serve The Poor: $25
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Give The Gift of Daily Bread

In addition to suffering the debilitating effects of their disease, many people living with AIDS also suffer from social stigma. In Ethiopia, small start-up capital for people living with AIDS allows them to create self-sustaining businesses that provide food for their families and medicines to save their lives.

Life-Sustaining Loans: $250
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For families cut off from their land and sources of water because of conflicts like those in the West Bank, IOCC steps in to provide tools, seeds, and training to grow house gardens, build water cisterns, and breed livestock so that they can provide for their own food needs. Your gift of $75 can provide agriculture training and supplies to help more families.

House Gardens for Hungry Families: $75
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Families in isolated villages in Kosovo struggle to provide food and educate their children. Your gift of $18 can provide seeds and tools to produce vegetable gardens and greenhouses that extend the growing season. Help us remind these families that they haven’t been forgotten with a gift that provides food, work, and a future for their communities!

Provide Food for Life: $18
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Give the Gift of Help in Times of Need

Access to medical care during a cholera or malaria epidemic can be the difference between life and death especially for children and the elderly. For people living in rural areas of Zimbabwe, the care they need may be several days away by foot. Your gift of $150 can provide over $5,000 in emergency medicines and medical supplies for rural clinics that sustain life and restore people to health.

Life-Saving Treatment: $150
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Disasters not only destroy people’s possessions, but often rob people of their livelihoods – and their ability to return to their lives. A gift of $45 can provide animal feed that sustains a family’s livelihood and allows them to stay on their farm.

Help For Families: $45
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When disasters like floods, hurricanes and wildfires strike the United States, Orthodox priests from IOCC’s Emergency Response Network help survivors cope with their loss, provide trauma counseling and coordinate resources with others on the scene. Your gift can train an Orthodox priest to respond to disasters in the U.S.

Disaster assistance in the U.S.: $500
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Share in this Work: $15
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Give The Gift of Education

Repairing and improving schools provides a safe and productive learning environment. Your gift of $40 can repair windows, secure doors, and provide a hot meal for school children in need.

Safe Schools: $40
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At a time when many young people are looking forward to college or beginning careers, young Iraqi refugees live with uncertainty and confusion. Your gift of $200 can provide a refugee with vocational training that provides a marketable skill and hope for the future.

Job Training For A Refugee: $200
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or Share in this Work: $20
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Children in developing countries often share the few textbooks that are available to learn from. Your gift of $10,000 can open doors of learning and opportunity and deliver books and other school supplies for 20,000 children in places like Cameroon, Ethiopia and the United States.

Love of Learning: $10,000
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or Share in this Work: $100
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You can make and send a school kit to a child in need.
For more information, visit: iocc.org/schoolkits

The examples in this catalog are for illustrative purposes. IOCC will use your gift, and that of others, to accomplish its overall mission of assisting families and communities to help themselves. Since 1992, IOCC has been transforming lives with innovative programs that prevent the spread of disease, equip farmers with tools and training, educate school children, build the Church’s ability to help the poor, and deliver emergency supplies to those who have been caught in war and natural disaster. © 2009 International Orthodox Christian Charities