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IOCC Internship Program
Information for IOCC's 2015 Internship opportunities will be posted by Dec. 1, 2014 so please check back at that time. All positions for the 2014 Internship Program have been filled.

Since 1998, IOCC has offered an internship program to undergraduates and recent college graduates interested in careers in international relief and development. The IOCC Internship Program provides a unique opportunity to gain firsthand exposure to the operations of an Orthodox Christian international humanitarian aid and development organization.

Isaac Van Wagenen was the IOCC Honors Intern assigned to the US program with the major responsibility to help manage the 7 teams of IOCC Orthodox Action Volunteers who helped build homes in New Orleans, Houston, Louisville, Minneapolis and Toms River. He shared the following thoughts about his experience:

"During the summer I had the experience of seven builds throughout the country and multiple weeks in the US Program field office in Minneapolis. This has allowed me to gather a greater level of insight into the activities and responsibilities involved within the work of IOCC's US Field Office.

"The scope of the work involved in the builds includes planning, volunteer development, logistics, travel, coordinating and managing volunteers on-site, expense reports and follow-up evaluations. Managing the volunteers on-site also introduces a further role of 'camp counselor'. Build weeks that have out-of-state volunteers requires duties that extend until the end of the evening and involves a twenty-four hour presence. This involves transportation, arranging meals, planned activities morning and evening prayers and nightly debriefs. I have been involved in all phases of the builds so these responsibilities have kept me busy. The most valuable aspect of the internship was the practical experience with volunteer coordination and project management that I gained. I felt that the goals of my internship were clear, that I was allowed to use my skills and abilities and that I had a positive impact on the project.

"Thankfully, through the grace present in IOCC, the awareness is preserved that this is not humanitarian aid work for the sake of compassion and selflessness but it is service to Christ. I am grateful for the opportunity and the experience I gained."

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