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Nicole Hess (4th from the left in the second row)
with students at the Goodwill Group in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok, Thailand — I’ve been given a unique opportunity to assist two organizations in Thailand that are supported by IOCC. The first organization, Goodwill Group, is a center in Bangkok where young women can go to receive free English courses as well as training in vocational skills such as computer programs and CPR for childcare. While at Goodwill Group, I taught English courses, developed some testing devices, and began researching for their next project, a micro-lending program. Teaching at Goodwill Group was a great experience. It was my first time teaching overseas and I hope that it will not be my last. It is very rewarding to see the students not only progress in their English skills but also become more confident in using English. Teaching these hard working women gave me tremendous insight into their lives, which I was able to apply towards my research for the micro-lending program.

Next, it was on to Ban Nam Khem where I taught English to 8th grade students. It is challenging and fun getting the students interested in learning English and I have high hopes for the next few weeks. Furthermore, the staff here is extremely helpful and Khun Nan, the assistant school director, makes me feel right at home. Ban Nam Khem, a rural fishing village in the process of rebuilding after the 2004 tsunami, is very different from the bustling capital city of Bangkok. IOCC has sponsored many things in Ban Nam Khem, including the construction, furnishing, and staffing of a school clinic. The New Hope Clinic really does give new hope to the health and safety of the children here. The clinic had its opening ceremony on July 14, 2006 and many IOCC members from all over the world came here to celebrate the joyous occasion. In addition to the clinic opening we had a weekend English workshop, which was very successful and will be repeated again.

By living in both Bangkok and in Ban Nam Khem I have had a diverse experience that has given me a great introduction to Thai culture. I hope that IOCC will continue to send interns here so that they may also enjoy this wonderful experience. I am sincerely grateful to IOCC for allowing me to work for these Thai organizations. And I also offer my thanks to the Coca-Cola World Citizenship Program for awarding me a scholarship that also made this internship possible.

— Nicole
Bangkok, Thailand

Nicole Hess was selected to serve a three-month internship as an ESL teacher with two of IOCC local partners in Thailand during the summer of 2006. Nicole has a Masters degree in Linguistics. The internship was sponsored by the Coca-Cola World Citizenship Program through the University of Florida International Center.

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