August, 2009 New Outreach Coordinator
Megan Carniewski

New Staff Member at IOCC: This month, IOCC would like to take the opportunity to introduce a new employee who will be working with many of our dedicated volunteers. Megan Carniewski joins the IOCC team as the Assistant Outreach Coordinator. You can learn more about Megan by viewing her responses to questions below:
  1. When did you learn about IOCC?
    I just learned about IOCC this year at a conference.
  2. When did you start working with IOCC?
    As of this month, I have become a new member of the IOCC team, serving as the Assistant Outreach Coordinator at Headquarters in Baltimore, MD.
  3. What will you be doing?
    I will have the pleasure to work with IOCC volunteers and Metropolitan Committees to help raise awareness on IOCC initiatives and assist in planning fundraising events to raise money for IOCC’s humanitarian efforts worldwide.
  4. Why did you choose to contact IOCC?
    As I was approaching graduation from the University of Pittsburgh, my professional goals were set on working for a humanitarian aid organization. I decided to contact IOCC not only to strive toward my professional aspirations of working with an organization dedicated to helping those in need, but for personal reasons as well. As an Orthodox Christian, I was excited to be introduced to an organization whose religious affiliation was consistent with my own. Working with IOCC allows me to do my part in empowering many individuals around the world.
  5. What have you learned so far at IOCC?
    During my first two weeks, I have been able to gain hands on experience of how a nonprofit operates and how dedicated its employees and volunteers are to helping others. I have learned the basics of managing volunteers, Metropolitan Committees, and how much impact every individual can have in helping IOCC fulfill its mission.
  6. What are your plans for the future?
    My plans for the future are to continue cultivating relationships with IOCC volunteers and Metropolitan Committees. I hope to energize current and new volunteers to continue to support IOCC’s work around the globe.
  7. Any additional info you would like to offer?
    Don’t forget that IOCC is on many social networking sites! Please find us on Facebook, MySpace and OrthodoXcircle to help us spread the word of IOCC’s great work! For more information on how you can become an IOCC volunteer, feel free to contact me for more information at

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