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“The mission of
IOCC is global.
No matter the location,
all programs are
developed in
consultation with
local communities,
Church Leaders,
and local and
international authorities.”
Dates to Remember:
Oct. 1, 2011
Chicago, IL
5th Annual 5k Run Walk
Oct. 4, 2011
Virginia Beach, VA
Golf Tournament
Oct. 15, 2011
Charlotte, NC
Annual Dinner
Oct. 16, 2011
Detroit, MI
2nd Annual IOCC Concert
Oct. 16, 2011
St. Louis, MO
St. Nicholas GOC
Oct. 20, 2011
Houston, TX
IOCC Board Banquet
Nov. 6, 2011
Washington, DC
Annual Action Dinner
Nov. 12, 2011
Phoenix, AZ
2nd Annual 5k
Nov. 13, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Annual Dinner
Nov. 19, 2011
Bergenfield, NJ
3rd Annual Wine Tasting
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December 2006
IOCC Board Members and Staff will begin regularly receiving an Executive Summary announcing IOCC’s latest news. The Executive Summary has been re-designed to keep everyone better informed and will feature board and staff appointments, major grants approved, program initiatives, results from fact-finding missions, and other items. Above all, I want Board Members and staff to hear the latest IOCC news first from Headquarters.

Please remember that remains an important source of organizational news with press releases and feature stories posted on a weekly basis. I hope that you will take advantage of it.

I welcome your feedback on this renewed initiative, as well as news that you think should be included for future Executive Summaries.

Constantine M. Triantafilou
Executive Director and CEO

Fact-Finding Mission to Ethiopia

Dean Triantafilou visited Ethiopia from September 25-30 to check on the status of current IOCC programs and to explore possibilities for new initiatives. Meetings were held in Addis Ababa with the Ethiopian Patriarch, Abune Paolus, Serbian Ambassador Ivan Zivkovic, Thomas Mattanovich, and project partners DICAC (the humanitarian arm of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church) and JeCCDO (an Ethiopian NGO). IOCC agricultural programs were toured in Assela, and Director of Finance Tammy Segall conducted a financial review and trained two IOCC staff in the Blackbaud accounting system.

Click here for Ethiopia Mission slideshow

New Freight Reimbursement Grant

IOCC has just been selected by USAID to participate in its Ocean Freight Reimbursement (OFR) program The OFR program pays transportation charges ($9,000 in FY 2006 and $10,000 for FY 2007, depending on the availability of funds) on shipments by private voluntary organizations registered with USAID for development, relief, and reconstruction supplies. IOCC will be able to ship a variety of humanitarian supplies for use in our US-funded development and humanitarian assistance programs in Romania and Ethiopia. This is the first time IOCC has been approved for this program.

New Board Appointments

Retired publisher of The Cleveland Plain Dealer and long time IOCC board member Alex Machaskee was elected Chairman of the IOCC Board at the October Board Meeting/Retreat. Current Chairman, Bert Moyar, who oversaw our expansion into Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, will be stepping down at the end of his term in January 2007. Also elected to key positions were Dr. Frank Cerra (Vice Chairman), Mark Stavropoulos (Treasurer), and Presbytera Maria Mossaides Apostola (Secretary). Keynote speeches were made by Metropolitan JONAH of Kampala and David Bryer, former Director of Oxfam. (Pictured left to right: Dean Triantafilou, Alex Machaskee, Metropolitan JONAH, David Bryer, and Bert Moyar.)

Thomas Kivlan, New Head of Office for IOCC Ethiopia

Thomas Kivlan has been appointed Head of Office for IOCC Ethiopia. Kivlan’s 24-year career in humanitarian aid and development work has included stints as country director and chief of party in Afghanistan, the Congo, Honduras, El Salvador and Iraq. He also has extensive experience in Africa including development work in Egypt, Morocco, and Ethiopia. He will be replacing Ken Baker who is stepping down this month.

IOCC Study Tour to Serbia and BiH

Last September’s Study Tour to Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina was outstanding, thanks to our BiH and Serbia field staff. Out of the three Study Tours that IOCC has undertaken to the Balkans, this one was unique because of the special trip that was made to the province of Kosovo. Participants agreed that it was truly a privilege to visit the historic Visoki Decani Monastery, currently under United Nations protection. Eleven IOCC supporters and staff visited a number of micro-credit beneficiaries in Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as programs for children in Serbia. Participants found it very rewarding to meet IOCC beneficiaries, many of whom had been made refugees during the war in Bosnia, and who have returned to their homes and are now working and thriving as farmers and small business owners.

Click here for Serbia and BiH slideshow

Study Tour Tentatively Planned for Jerusalem/West Bank (February 12 -20, 2007)

Tentative dates of February 12-20, 2007 have been set for IOCC’s Study Tour to Jerusalem/West Bank. IOCC supporters and staff will visit IOCC beneficiaries and programs throughout the West Bank including employment-generating and infrastructure repair projects in Taybeh, Ramallah, Nablus, and Jenin.

Click here for Jerusalem/West Bank Study Tour