Past Events

Denver, CO
All-Orthodox Day for IOCC
Rotella Park
1824 Coronado Parkway South
Thornton, CO
August 21, 2010

Well now, this was fun!

Thank you committee for producing such a wonderful day of Orthodox fellowship. Your dedicated focus on having a day, where very young, and all generations, from many of our Orthodox parishes gathered to Bike, Walk, share a picnic meal and play games together ... What a memorable day.

We have a great committee, even with a few curves that had to be overcome, we succeeded in hosting a very special and very successful Bike Walk.

I want to thank each of you. You all contributed to make this day so extraordinary.

How great was it to have Bishop Benjamin, and all our Clergy gathered to Bless the 5 Loaves of Bread ... It was such a special blessing to have them with us today. Fr. John, you must send an email, thanking our clergy who attended.

A special thanks to Dan Christopulos who made the trip to Denver to be with us, taking time away from a very busy schedule, to attend our event.

These are not the final figures ... just an approximate to date figure.

Registrations totaled: $1,050.
Lunch Love donations: $394.
Sponsor money, to date: $5,634

TOTAL RAISED: $7,078.00

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