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From its inception, IOCC's intent was to work in the U.S. and abroad. It was the tragic 9/11 attacks in 2001 that brought IOCC's capacity to respond home with the creation of our U.S. Emergency Response Network.

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EMERGENCY RESPONSE — IOCC's capacity to respond to emergencies in the U.S. has significantly increased as a result of the assistance from its Emergency Response Network, referred to as the "Orthodox Frontline." The Frontline is made up of Orthodox clergy and laity volunteers from across the nation – trained and experienced chaplains, counselors, therapists, emergency response managers, social workers, medical doctors, registered nurses, emergency medical technicians and other related fields.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT — Over the past decade, more than 1,100 IOCC volunteers have provided 35,000 man-hours to rebuild or repair 210 family homes damaged by natural disasters. This year IOCC has mobilized nine teams to help build or do critical renovations on existing homes in Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Oklahoma.

EDUCATION — Since 2007, IOCC has supported literacy for children in more than 20 states by distributing almost one million new school textbooks worth $42 million to Head Start, tutoring, and after school programs for children with limited access to learning materials. The book distribution program also benefits children who are homeless or whose parents are migrant workers or in prison. IOCC has also distributed classroom and dormitory furniture to help improve the learning environment at cash strapped schools in Alaska, Colorado, and New York.

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IOCC Assists Victims of South Carolina Floods

IOCC Responds To Communities In South Carolina And The Bahamas Deluged By Deadly Floods

Fresh Perspective on Serving God through Others Embraced at IOCC Youth Conferences

Patriarch John X Blesses Humanitarian Work of IOCC

IOCC Assists Texas and Oklahoma Communities Ravaged by Torrential Rains

IOCC Responds To Victims Of Oklahoma Tornadoes

International Orthodox Christian Charities Recipient Of Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Award For Excellence

Disaster Preparedness Protects Lives And Communities

Seminarians Join IOCC Action Team To Help Families Recovering From Disaster


IOCC Joins Largest U.S. Disaster Response Network

IOCC Names Mark Stavropoulos New Board Chairman

IOCC Congressional Campaign Highlights Relief Work, Urges International Development Support

Team IOCC Goes The Distance In Baltimore To Race Against Poverty

IOCC Book Distribution Promotes Learning To Underserved Youth In U.S.

9/11 Tragedy A Solemn Reminder Of Need To Be Prepared Against Disaster

IOCC Conference Cultivates Service Leadership of Orthodox Youth

Hurricane Preparedness Week: Protecting Your Family From Extreme Weather Disasters

IOCC Provides Support For Literacy And Learning To Underserved Youth In U.S.

IOCC Responds to Victims of Flood Ravaged Midwest

Orthodox Christian Emergency Network Grows to 100 Members

Chicago Faith-Based Groups Join With IOCC To Deliver Books For Local Children

IOCC Responds to Victims of Tornadoes in the South


USAID Chief Outlines His Vision To Baltimore-Based Aid Groups

IOCC Brings Humanitarian Issues To Forefront On Capitol Hill

IOCC Frontline Responds To Flood-Ravaged Colorado Communities

IOCC Assists Colorado Flood Victims With Recovery Efforts

Historic Colorado Flooding Impacts Thousands

Orthodox Christian Emergency Response Network Expands

IOCC Frontliners Offer Care To Arizona Community

IOCC Marshalls Frontliners To Assist Those Affected By Arizona Wildfires

IOCC Frontliners Respond to Tornado Survivors in Central Oklahoma

IOCC Responds To Victims Of Central Oklahoma Tornadoes

IOCC Provides Books To Chicago Area Schoolchildren

Leadership 100 Grant To Support IOCC Humanitarian Work In U.S.


IOCC Mourns Loss of Life in Connecticut Shooting – Offers Resources

IOCC, Orthodox Christian Leaders Discuss Social Outreach At White House Conference

IOCC Assists Sandy Survivors With Recovery Efforts

IOCC Response Reaches Sandy Survivors Up And Down East Coast

IOCC Frontliners Mobilize To Aid Super Storm Sandy Survivors

Cyclists Complete Journey to Assist World's Poor

Orthodox Youth Spend Summer Building Homes And Budding Friendships

US Lawmakers and IOCC Supporters Turn Out to Celebrate 20 Years of Global Humanitarian Work


IOCC Responds to Hurricane Irene With Emergency Cleanup Support For Victims

IOCC Responds To Joplin And Heartland Tornadoes With Emergency Cleanup And Early Recovery

Assistance from Orthodox Christians Helping Tornado-Stricken Areas of Alabama

IOCC "Frontline" Volunteers to Coordinate Relief in Storm-Ravaged Areas of Alabama

IOCC Reaches Out to Parishes in Aftermath of Severe Weather, Fires


IOCC Joins in Launch of ACT Alliance

Effects Of Haiti Earthquake Ripple Through U.S. Community


IOCC Partnering to Give Children in U.S. A Head Start

IOCC Helps Single Working Moms Realize Dream of Homeownership

Penelope House, Fortress for Battered Women & Their Children

Odds Stacked Against Them, Boys in Inner-city New Orleans Get Fighting Chance

Orthodox Volunteers Make A Difference in the U.S.

Orthodox Volunteers Make a Difference in the U.S.


IOCC On The U.S. Gulf Coast

A Healing Presence At Virginia Tech

IOCC Launches Alaska Substance Abuse Initiative

Voices: IOCC Frontline Clergy at Virginia Tech

IOCC Pledges New Homes And Hundreds Of Volunteers For Habitat Initiative


Midnight run to New Orleans; The airport evacuation

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