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Since 2005, IOCC has provided medical and education support to Jordan's needy families as well as the distribution of basic humanitarian aid to Iraqi and Palestinian refugees living in Jordan. Through the cooperation of local churches, the Ministry of Social Development and community-based organizations, IOCC's network of assistance extends to some of Jordan's most remote areas across the country's 12 governorates.

Syria's civil war has forced more than 655,000 Syrian children, women and men to flee to Jordan in search of refuge. IOCC, an ACT Alliance member, has been responding to the immediate humanitarian needs of Syrian refugees since 2012 as well as the growing number of Jordanian families who find themselves in increasingly difficult circumstances since the arrival of the refugees.

EMERGENCY AID — Working from distribution sites across the country's most heavily affected areas, IOCC is providing families in need with housewares, blankets, bedding, hygiene kits, infant supplies and clothing. For those refugees unable to travel to the distribution centers, IOCC is making home visits to assess their immediate needs and provide basic household and personal care items they left behind in flight to safety.

EDUCATION SUPPORT — IOCC is providing school uniforms to more than 30,000 Syrian refugee children living in Jordan to enable them to continue their education. The uniforms, required for girls attending school in Jordan, will allow the Syrian refugee girls to enroll in Jordan's public schools, and give thousands of displaced girls a chance to pursue an education and rekindle their dreams for the future. IOCC also distributed new track suits to school-aged refugee boys living in Za'atari refugee camp. While school uniforms aren't mandatory for male students, the warm clothing will help fend off the frigid winter months ahead in tents that offer little protection from the cold.

HEALTH — Lice infestation is rampant at Jordan’s Zaatari Refugee Camp where families live in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. IOCC is providing relief by distributing anti-lice kits for more than 20,000 children.

ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT — Working with local partners, IOCC is providing refugees from Syria and Iraq with vocational training to help ease the hardship of displacement and break the cycle of poverty for those who lost livelihoods when they fled. The life skill courses offered include graphic design, computer and mobile phone maintenance, cosmetology, and English language. The majority of participants are female Iraqi refugees who represent a large number of single-headed households.

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